Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II

nu-skin-logoOur modern and stressed life, cosmetic treatments mean much more than special pampering. It’s the precondition of good appearance and well-being, too. Beauticians have been using galvanic –
electricity to skin refreshing and filling up with new energy for more than 5 years. During the silking massage electricity concentrates the energy of cellular and speeds up circulation.
With Nu Skin® Galvanic Spa™ System II and Galvanic Spa™ System II Executive you can already enjoy these professional treatments in our saloon. This treatment rejuvenate your face, revitalizate your scalp or full body.

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The difference of Galvanic

This patented appliance has reclining strength. It makes easy to entry beneficial components with low – voltage galvanic – electricity. So it cleans, hidrates skin and speeds up circulation and makes your skin radiant.

The four different replaceable operator heads – face, scalp, body and aimed operator head – massage tenderly and works with special combination products. It makes key skin-care ingredients to get into skin to raise optimal results.

As researches Nu Skin Galvanic™ Spa II Treatment increase remission of active substances at least 70 % at 24 hours after galvanic – electricity, too.